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OLAAT Tiny Village

We Need Your Help

The Goal

There are so many programs that help the homeless with temporary assistance. We want to change their lives for the better permanently. This includes giving them temporary housing in our tiny village with the goal to assist them with achieving the goal of a home of their own. We will help with schooling, jobs, and financial knowledge.

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The total cost to begin our Tiny Community is $176,000

This is the cost with starting off with 10 tiny homes.

•2 bathrooms: 34,995

•Community Room: 36,995

•Service Office: 8,995

•10 Tiny Homes: 54,950

*These are the minimum cost from the vendor. Prices could be more depending on needs.

*Cost will be paid through fundraisers, grants and donations.

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Cost To Begin Village

We Need your Help

This is the cost to begin our village. Every dollar counts and it is for a great purpose.

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